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Their is a high demand for real estate appraisers. Due to the shortage of appraisers, it is a great time to get into the business.

BUT WAIT—Cue Dramatic Pause—THERE’S A CATCH!

Manfred Real Estate Learning Center has been a trusted ally for over 30 years, guiding appraisers through the initial steps of their careers. However, recent regulatory changes within the New York State Appraiser Board and Appraiser License Law have led to significant implications for our Licensed Appraiser Assistant candidates, affecting the ability to provide robust educational programs.

Navigating New Challenges: Finding Supervisory Appraiser Support

Before embarking on a Licensed Appraiser Assistant journey in New York, it’s crucial to tackle the pivotal question: How do I find a Supervisory Appraiser for acquiring experience hours? We strongly encourage you to address this critical query before commencing any courses, as numerous Certified Residential Appraisers are refraining from recruiting Assistant Appraisers.

Regrettably, this reluctance stems from the stringent requirements set forth by the State of New York. Assistant Appraisers now necessitate close, hand-held supervision by Certified Appraisers for each and every experience hour, hindering their existing workflow and business productivity.

Adjusting Focus: A Shift In Manfred Real Estate Learning Center’s Offerings

Due to these evolving circumstances, Manfred Real Estate Learning Center, Inc. has made the difficult decision to discontinue providing classroom, live webinar, or online courses to fulfill Appraisal licensing requirements. Our core commitment has consistently revolved around nurturing careers, rather than merely delivering courses or dispensing misleading information.

Nevertheless, we remain dedicated to guiding appraisal professionals towards achieving their goals. We wholeheartedly recommend exploring the Professional Career Center in North Syracuse, NY, as a viable alternative for your appraisal education needs, please let them know you came from Manfred!

You can start calling and interviewing with appraisers anytime. They will hire you as an assistant. After both you and your supervisor takes the supervisory/Training 4 hour course you can start documenting your hours. We recommend you do this before you decide to take any courses, so many of the Certified Residential Appraisers are not hiring Assistant Appraisers, not because they desperately need them but because the State of New York requires the Assistant Appraiser to be hand-held supervised by the Certified Appraisers for all of their experience hours. Which takes away from their existing workload and business functionalities.

  • High Income Potential
  • Diverse Career Paths
  • Flexible hours.

Every home, land, property has a value. An appraiser gives a written opinion of that value. Some of the day to day activities of an appraiser would be:

  • Photographing poperties
  • Searching county and city records to verify information
  • Inspect properties
  • Prepare reports
  • Create comparison
  • Develop conclusions of the value of properties.

Your earning will depend on your appraisal License level. According to, Certified Residential Appraisers’ median income is $57,225 and Certified General Appraisers’ median income is $95,774 in 2017.

Tuition depends on the type of license you get. The more training hours needed, the higher the cost. The total cost for assistant is about $1500, certified residential is around $2000 and general your looking around $3500 – $4500 with textbooks.

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Real Estate Appraiser Classes No Longer Available in Webinars, Classrooms or Online

Overview of Real Estate Appraisal Licenses

There are four levels of appraisal licenses. Here is an overview of each type:

Assistant License

Type and value of property depends on credentials of supervisor.

  • College Education: None
  • Training Hours: 79 hours- must be completed within five year period prior to the date of application.
  • Experience Hours: None
  • Exam: None:  Applicant is not eligible to take the exam for the category in which education has been completed until they meet the experience requirement for that category.
  • Available Via Webinar & Classroom.

Licensed Residential

Non complex 1-4 families residential units valued under $1,000,000 or complex 1-4 family nits valued under $250,000

  • College Education: None
  • Training Hours- 150
  • Experience Hours- 1,000 no less than 24 months
  • Exam: Yes National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examination. Exam results are valid for 24 months
  • Available via webinar & classroom

Certified Residential

1-4 residential units at any value or complexity. Cannot appraise subdivisions where a development analysis is necessary.

  • College Education: Bachelors (Additional Qualifications)
  • Training Hours: 200 hours- Education: 200 hours
  • Experience Hours: 1,500 no less than 24 months
  • Exam: Yes National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examination. Exam results are valid for 24 months
  • Available classroom & webinar

Certified General

All types of properties at any value.

  • College Education: Bachelors or higher in any field.
  • Training Hours: 300
  • Experience Hours: 3000 no less than 24 months
  • State exam: Yes. Exam results are valid for 24 months.
  • Courses offered in the classroom & webinar

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Courses Needed

The higher the license level, the more advantage you’ll have in the local market, and the greater control you’ll have over your fees.

Look Before you Leap: A Real Estate Career Guide

Our free course is designed to guide you through the process of obtaining your real estate license. We will provide information on both the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing this career, and address questions you may not have considered before diving in. Our goal is not just to sell courses, but to set you up for success and ensure that real estate is the right path for you.

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