Operating a New Brokerage Firm

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Real estate brokers have the opportunity to make a great living, but starting out as a new broker can be overwhelming.

  • Unlimited Income potential. Higher commission splits or open your own brokerage 
  • Hire Agents to work for you 
  • Get an edge over your competition. 
  • Expand your territory. 
  • Opportunity and extra revenue. Some firms are activity seeking Real Estate Associate Brokers 
  • It counts toward your real estate continuing education. 

The Perfect Course – Operating a New Brokerage Firm in NY

Understanding the rules and regulations of becoming a broker is one thing, but having a strong knowledge of how to build a customer base and run a successful business is another. This course is designed for those considering becoming or recently appointed as a real estate broker, and also those who are running their own small brokerage. It will teach them how to get established in their industry and avoid costly mistakes. With this curriculum under your belt, you’ll have the skills necessary to build an empire of clients and secure your financial future.

This 15 hour online business development course is designed to explore the current issues in the management of a one to five person small real estate brokerage office. The how to operating a new brokerage firm in NY on a tight budget, including hiring guidelines, management of salespeople, staying on track with expenses, prioritizing and keeping good records, all of which that lead the brokerage to function as a fiduciary entrepreneurship.

Here are just a few topics covered..

  • Creating A Plan
  • Forming Business Entity
  • Start up Cost
  • Marketing
  • Finding your Nitch
  • Expert Suggestions
  • Business Planning
  • Bringing In Money
  • Business Must-Haves
  • Office Policies and Procedures
  • Advance from experts.


Course Only

  • This online course is in video format you can watch it on any computer or device.


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Operating a New Brokerage Firm Can Be Overwhelming?

Manfred has paved the path for hundreds of new brokers to embark on their journey, grasping the complexities involved in overcoming all the challenges. We provide clarity on the requirements and assist you in accurately filling out the application, besides guiding you through the intricacies of the New York State Department of State. Most importantly, we equip you with strategies to navigate this fresh business model. Let’s collaborate and navigate through these changes together so that you begin your endeavor on a positive note. Schedule a call with our dedicated team today – we’re more than happy to support you!

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