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Taking Your Manfred School Proctored Exam

In New York State, all Manfred School students enrolled in Real Estate Licensing courses are required to take a Manfred School-administered exam at an authorized location within one year from the course commencement date. Once students successfully pass this proctored exam, the Manfred School will issue a Completion Certificate and subsequently report the students’ completion status to the New York Department of State. You must complete all of the content within the course in order to receive credit. If you have additional questions we recommend that you email the Manfred School at or call us at 518-855-3680, we are happy to help.

How to Schedule Your Manfred School Exam

  • Step 1: To initiate your eligibility verification, please complete the form provided below by clicking the “Request Approval” button

  • Step 2: Upon confirmation of your eligibility, you will be sent a Verification Approval Notice via email, which includes an approval code

  • Step 3: Please choose a suitable location for your proctored exam from the options below. Remember, scheduling will require your Approval Code. Kindly refrain from making any calls until you have received your Approval Code

  • Step 4: As you prepare for your Proctored Exam, ensure that you bring the following items with you: a photo ID, your Verification Approval Notice, a basic four-function calculator, and a pencil. Please note that all exam locations enforce strict monitoring to prevent cheating and verify identification

  •  NOTE: The “Request Approval” process may take up to 12 to 24 hours to complete

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Licensing/Business Compliance

NYS keeps changing the rules to do business and are notorious for not letting you know! Let Manfred help you manage and build your business needs. If you ever get audited, let us know and we will represent you.

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