How to Launch Your Real Estate Career in NY

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How to Launch Your Real Estate Career in NY

Traditionally, new real estate agents lean on their Sponsoring Brokers to learn how to launch your real estate career in NY. Including marketing support and client relationship assistance. While this assistance can provide a beneficial starting point. It also ties the agent’s business development to the Broker’s tools and systems. Primarily the Broker’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

This reliance could cause complications if an agent decides to switch Sponsoring Brokers or forge out independently. In such cases, the ties to the Broker’s CRM mean that the agent’s business contacts. Hard-won leads and clients remain in the Broker’s system. Potentially hindering the agent’s progress and growth. But does it have to be this way? Not if you have Manfred Real Estate School’s Career-In-A-Box on your side. And the know how to launching your real estate career in NY.


The dynamic world of real estate offers excellent opportunities for income and career growth. Nevertheless, it requires more than just an understanding of the property market. Also, how to launch your real estate career in NY, includes how to approach the business. The traditional understanding is changing. It demands a well-rounded skill set that includes marketing. Client relationship management, and resilience in the face of market volatility.

The Department of State, Division of Licensing requires a sponsoring broker to apply for a Real Estate license in NY. This should be the most important decision you make when consider this career, the Broker you choose means everything.

To prepare new real estate agents for this daunting challenge, Manfred Real Estate School has innovatively packaged the Career-In-A-Box program. This all-in-one real estate sales and marketing solution revolutionizes the way new real estate agents approach their budding businesses. Fostering independence from Sponsor Brokers and empowering them to take charge of their marketing and client relationships.

“Because we know if you do the minimum, you can expect the minimum. We want more for our students. Our graduates are highly sought out, for a reason” – John Manfred – President/CEO

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