The Impact of Remote Work on Real Estate

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The mandatory stay-at-home measures brought about by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year forced employers to shut down their offices and send their employees to work from home. This situation had two results. Firstly, it demonstrated that remote work is possible for a considerable number of professions. Thus, anyone who possibly could work from home did so. And secondly, as a consequence, the real estate market practically halted. Of course, it is not only the commercial aspect of the real estate industry that has suffered a blow. It was also residential since viewings stopped and deal closings were delayed. [...]

Qualities To Watch Out For Hiring A Real Estate Professional

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Successful real estate professionals possess a crucial mix of qualities that seemingly have little to do with each other. What drives a salesperson (self-motivation, goal setting) and a marketing professional (creativity, a love of language and imagery) are often disparate. These talents often divide people into disparate professions, but a visionary real estate agent must possess all these skills. If you are looking to boost sales and add an enigmatic member of your team, is there a way to assess a candidate’s probability of success by simply looking at a resume and asking the right questions at an interview? What are the [...]

Commercial vs Residential Real Estate

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Broadly speaking, real estate consists of two major branches: Commercial vs Residential Real Estate. On the surface, these two branches don’t look the same. Residential properties include both resale and new homes. This includes single-family homes, townhouses, vacation homes, investment properties, manufactured homes, and condominiums. Commercial includes shopping centers, medical and educational buildings, hotels, offices, and apartment buildings. What is the difference between Commercial and Residential Real Estate. It’s not only structural and physical differences that separate commercial and residential. There are other aspects that further set the two apart when selling either type of real estate. 1. Purchasing Factors Buying [...]

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