Top 6 Tips on Selecting a Real Estate School in NY, that is a Good Fit for You

Researching the right school is an important step! Your education is an important investment to your future. In Real Estate you are helping people with the biggest investments of their lives, buying a home. It is much more than just showing houses. It is a big deal! Selecting a real estate school in NY. It is important that they can help you have a clear understanding of everything that is involved, no surprises.

Tip #1

Price Shop Wisely

We have all heard the saying “You get what you pay for” but what is worse is when you don’t get what you paid for. Check your school policy on what happens if you do not pass the exam or if they have a make-up policy? Some real estate schools in NY have policies that if you do not pass you must re-purchase and retake the course or if you miss too much time you automatically fail the course. Beware of schools that benefit from you failing. Make sure you ask where the proctored exam is held when completing online, make sure its not 4 hours away. New York State requires you take a written proctored exam in an approved location. Some schools do not allow refunds or forfeit your tuition if you “no show” or registration deadline increases, etc. Beware of any “money grab policies”. Selecting a real estate school in NY is so important!

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Tip #2

Where in the World Are You?

Is the school an approved online provider actually in your state, if not, it’s a cookie cutter course offered in every state in the country? Real Estate is governed by the states. Each state is very different. Choose a Real Estate school in NY with online instructors who are well versed in your state knowledge. It’s extremely important to understand your state completion requirements and that information is easily displayed on their website. Choose a school that specializes in Real Estate Education and not one that benefits from it. You want a school that puts all there focus in their student’s educational needs and has a real life understanding of the real estate industry, not just one sided. Passing the exam is important but not everything!

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Tip #3

Give Me Some Value

If you choose online learning check out the quality. You don’t want to pay for course and find out that it is nothing more than an e-book. Is it interactive? Consider what is your best learning style, just because online is available does no mean it is the best choice for you. How do you learn best? If you are taking the course in a classroom are the instructors experienced? Currently buying and selling in today’s real estate industry? How long has the school been in business? These are all important questions when selecting a real estate school in NY.

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Tip #4

Customer Service

Can you talk to someone? Call the school and asks questions. How’s the customer service? Ask a lot of questions. Are they short with you or do they take the time to explain things to you? Do they offer technical support? Do they offer support after you get your license? Can you continue your education with them? Can they help you find a sponsoring broker? Can they assist you in understanding the state requirements for applying for a license? Can they help you grow your career?

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Tip #5

Stand By Me

What kind of guarantee does the school offer you? What programs do they have to help you succeed beyond just passing a test? Remember you are not doing this just to pass an exam, you are doing this to build a rewarding career. Make sure you choose a real estate school in NY that is willing to put the time and effort into you!

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Tip #6

Learn From Other’s Experiences

Check out the reviews. See what other are saying about their experience. Make sure you consider and research the source of the reviews. Some review platforms requires the business pays a fee to hide bad reviews and promote good reviews. Google+ Review is a reliable source, so is Facebook and Better Business Bureau! Its best if the company has multiple reviews from multiple services. Make sure the reviews are current. Personal recommendations and word of mouth is the best source. Ask other agents about their experience.

LaShaunda Baker
20:41 23 Nov 22
I had a great experience with the Manfred Team. I especially appreciated them when I was having a difficult time with the study material Heather allowed me to sit in on a study group and also provided me with study materials. I am very grateful for that. I look forward to learning and building my career as a real estate agent.
Austin White
19:49 15 Nov 22
Great place to learn about real estate. They make it easy to pass the exams.
Jared Doyle
01:45 15 Nov 22
Manfred is a full service realty school with both classroom and online continuing ed options.
Mike Jarvi
14:01 04 Nov 22
The Manfred real estate course was a very pleasant experience and I’d definitely recommend it to any person looking to get their real estate license. This course was very thorough and those in charge were very organized and willing to help when there was uncertainty.
Mandie Kozlowski
22:53 10 Sep 22
Took the 2 week in person class and it was good experience. I liked the variety of teachers and got valuable information from each. Great program.
Scott Sandler
21:56 19 Aug 22
Great educational experience and the online courses prepared me very well to get my broker's license successfully. I continue to go to Manfred for all of continuing ed requirements.
Jennifer Whipple
13:35 10 Aug 22
Always a great Experience with Manfred Real Estate Learning Center! They are always available to help us keep further our education.
Michael Del Vecchio
18:17 06 Aug 22
Manfred has always been a leader in real estate education. Great content and great pricing. Content is complete and well formatted. Value and convenience!
Tom Flanagan
14:04 06 Aug 22
Manfred classes were always great with knowledgeable instructors.
17:07 03 Aug 22
Great staff, very responsive, great course, felt very prepared.
Joanne Genovese
11:06 02 Aug 22
Len Fiore was great as always.
Michael Teetz
01:39 27 Jul 22