Being a homeowner is more than just sitting pretty in a desirable house. It takes work and careful planning. You wouldn’t head into the cold outdoors without a jacket and scarf. So why would you expect any different from your house? Here are some End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips : Advice for Homeowners Preparing for Cooler Seasons

As fall and winter approaches, the weather will undoubtedly change. But you can make sure that your home stays cozy and warm. By implementing these savvy tips that will save you time and money.

Pool Maintenance

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are over 10.4 million pools within the United States, and swimming s the 4th most popular recreational activity among Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With so many people swimming, especially during the summer months, there are a lot of health and safety risks involved, if you don’t cover your pool before the cooler weather hits.

With the use of a chemical winterizing kit. You can ensure that your pool remains debris and bacteria-safe, even during fall and winter. Another benefit of purchasing a kit is to also guarantee that the chemicals used, coincide with each other. If you purchased separate mixtures, the varying brands may not be effective.

Additionally, safety and winter covers for the pool are designed to keep wildlife, bugs, shrubs, branches, as well as rain, sunlight, snow and other environmental debris from entering your pool. There is a difference, however. Safety covers are typically made of vinyl or mesh. Winter covers are less durable and not built to withstand heavy weight, such as a falling tree, so depending on where you live and what kind of weather is present, you can assess which cover will be most suitable.

Preparing Your Attic and Basement for Cooler Seasons

The attic is the space at the top of your home, typically used for storage and other facilities, whereas the basement, found at the bottom of your home, has the same purpose, but also houses the HVAC unit and the boiler. Despite attics and basements being commonly used as living and recreational areas, these are also the most unused spaces within the home. Termites, mold and leakage problems can occur.

Since basements and attics tend to encourage heat to escape. It’s important to insulate them well, so that your home maintains sufficient warmth. Check for leakages first because insulation won’t be of use if it’s wet. However, to prevent moisture, invest in intake vents. Whether you live in a frigid or warm environment, intake vents help to reduce damaging moisture from melting snow on the roof and humidity.

When it comes to basement care, apply insulation to the basement walls, as well as the rim joists, one of the biggest sources of heat loss, according to The Home Inspector. Keep this area dry, as well, to prevent water and flood damage.

Advice for Homeowners to Maintain Your Heating System

Saving on energy bills, while staying sufficiently warm is the most ideal when it does it cold. One way to cut costs is by opening curtains. That are facing the south side of your home, during the day. This allows sunlight to warm areas of your home without the need to turn on electrical or gas heating. If it gets too cold at night, you may also save on energy by installing thermal insulated curtains. Made of a heavy material to block out chilly drafts.

To double up on saving, sealing your windows also makes a huge impact on energy. Effective window sealing also helps to regulate the temperature inside the home. However, if you must use the fireplace, stove or central heating, always schedule yearly maintenance services. Clean out your furnaces often and keep your fire damper closed unless it’s in use.

Regular upkeep doesn’t have to include a ton of bells and whistles. Advice for Homeowners Preparing for Cooler Seasons. However, when it comes to saving you money and time while keeping you warm, you’ll want to keep up with the well being of your home.

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