Becoming a NY Real Estate Broker

Some agents in the Real Estate industry take continuing education to meet a state minimum requirements. Then there are those who better equip themselves for change. Many have recognized in their own businesses that because of the lack of educational advancements in the real estate industry, there is significant room for career advancements. So many choose to go above and beyond to advance their own careers by attending every classroom opportunity. So the question remains, what does it take to become a Real Estate Broker? Opportunities to grow are all around you, all it takes is your willingness to take the first step!

Many students inquire on a regular basis on what it takes to become a real estate Broker in New York. Having completed such education is a prerequisite in this process to upgrade your license.

When you upgrade your license to become a Broker in New York State, there are a few things you need to know.


Must be at least 20 years of age or older and have a minimum of two years of full-time experience as a licensed Salesperson. You must complete a total of 120 hours of real estate education when you apply for your license and be able to prove 3,500 points, based on real estate transactions, found within the Broker Application. You may need to show equivalent experience in general real estate practice. We highly recommend you review the Broker Application. Even if your required experience has not been accumulated, you can begin taking the necessary education needed.

Tips to Consider

Keep in mind, anyone can take the Brokers state exam. The state doesn’t care what order you complete the requirements. Just as long as you meet them by the time you apply for the license.

If you had previously taken the 45 hour salesperson course prior to July 1st, 2008. You will need to complete a 30 hour supplemental course as well as complete the 45 hour Broker course. Conversely, if you completed the 75 hour salesperson course after July of 2008, taking the supplemental course would be unnecessary; you would only need to complete the 45 hour Broker course. As of December 21st 2022, the Department of State changed the law again, by adding 32 more hours, equaling 152 hours total. Upon completion, you would need to wrap up your course by taking a final school exam. Once that exam is complete, take and pass the State exam which is generally administered once a month. To find when that exam is offered, visit your EAccessNY account.

You may use these course hours as continuing education. Just as long as you meet the attendance requirement and pass the school exam. Don’t forget the State required topics. The brokers course does not include three hours of fair housing, one hour of Law of Agency, one hour of Recent Legal Matters and two and a half hours of Ethical Business Practices.

At the Manfred School we understand that upgrading your license can sometimes can be a very difficult process. In some cases requires confidentiality and most importantly it takes courage. We’re here to change that experience for you. What does it take to become a real estate broker, we are happy to help. Are You Ready to take your career to the Next Level?

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