Sharpen your real estate appraiser skills like never before and welcome the new year with unparalleled know-how and insight. With New York State requiring a generous 28 hours of Continuing Education (CE) for Real Estate Appraisers, including everyone’s favorites – the 7 hour USPAP Update and Fair Housing and Fair Lending topics, it’s time to step up your game. Behold, Manfred Real Estate Learning Center!

Manfred Real Estate Learning Center is the premier provider of real estate appraiser education in New York State. We offer a wide range of courses that will help you meet your CE requirements. Our instructors are experienced appraisers who have been teaching for years and know what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Your Appraisal Adventure Awaits

When it comes to education, Manfred knows no bounds. Our academy isn’t just hanging in the tapestry of NYS Division of Licensing approved dogmas but stands tall as a trailblazer for real estate appraiser learning experiences. The other “M” word of Appraiser Schools. We delve deep into the intricacies of the housing domain, where numerical acumen meets subtle elegance. A learning adventure awaits to kindle your intellectual curiosity.

Webinars That Spark The Genius Within

Who said learning can’t be fun, engaging, dynamic, and most of all, enriching? Only a particular kind of creature can survive in this age of constant acceleration: the webinar junkie. Say hello to 550+ hours of live webinars, all primed to bestow unparalleled wisdom by industry experts who’ve seen it all. Let their learning light guide you every step of the way. The best part is no exams, you just need to present and accounted for.

The Distinguished Assembly of Appraiser Virtuosos

Our industry experts shine bright like beautifully cut diamonds, illuminating every facet of real estate appraiser knowledge. They’ve been around the block, and they know what the New York landscape offers to developing and established professionals alike. Thus, our shining experts foster a bridge of empowerment, enabling you to channel your inner Wes Unseld – the legendary Washington Bullets center who, quite simply, knew how to rebound.

Richness in Required Topics

Real estate appraiser is akin to a dance, and New York State has set the necessary choreography where Manfred gracefully glides. Our webinars meticulously cover the required CE topics with not only a balanced mix of regulatory essentials. But also a keen exploration of contemporary trends. All our Webinars are also dually approved, so if you hold multiple licenses, you’ll be pleasantly happier.

From the ever-evolving USPAP framework to navigating the nuances of Fair Housing and Fair Lending, our webinars will equip you with the weaponry needed to thrive on appraisal battlegrounds. These lessons are distilled from years of hands-on experience, real-life cases, and the genius of our luminaries, all carefully woven into an edifying tapestry.

The Appraiser Forecast of 2024

Upcoming trends can be as unpredictable as the weather – just like New York City taxicabs in the rain. But Manfred has you adhesive-taped to the windshield of Real Estate Appraiser foresight. With our 550+ hours of live webinars lined up for 2024, you’re in prime position to harness both time and learning to become an appraisal rainmaker.

The Manfred Membership Blessing

If a free lunch seems too unattainable, pause for a reality check and behold the Manfred Membership. Our dedication to your growth manifests in the ‘FREE’ inclusion that every Manfred Member graces when it comes to all these Live Webinars. Why not save yourself a bunch of money as well. At $13.99 per month for 24 months plus 50% off the USPAP! Other providers will stick you for over $650 and you have to pass a test, that doesn’t sound to be much fun!

Tiptoe into the hallowed halls of Manfred Real Estate Learning Center. Begin your new year in the realm of appraisal aces. From novices who hold their tape measures nervously. To veterans who can recite USPAP Compliance Standards in their sleep. This academy is a platform for every New Yorker harboring dreams of appraisement.

Start 2024 Off With A Learning Bang

Embrace the power of learning and the spirit of new beginnings. Open your arms wide for the winds of wisdom brewing in the familiar alleys of the Manfredosphere. Wave the appraisal wand to start 2024 as the best version of yourself: enhanced, evolved, and enlivened.

Enter the circle of informed trailblazers, elbow to elbow with experts at the forefront of appraisal knowledge. Savor the enticing buffet of erudition as you surpass potential and paddle in persistent innovation.

In Conclusion

Armed with a Manfred Membership, embark on this enticing journey of appraisal development. Together, let us journey ahead into 2024 with one strong, unified phrase: New Learnings for a New Year.

Unleash the appraisal maestro within and tap into the vast potential that’s truly your forte. Knowledge is yours for the taking. All you need is an open heart and a spark of aspiration. Be it appraisal, networking, or keeping your finger on the market pulse. As always, if you have questions, we answer our phones at 518-855-3680. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you today?

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