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Manfred School Real Estate Exam Prep

Preparing for your 77 Hour Salesperson Licensing exam? We’ve got your back! Join our course for a comprehensive review of each chapter, with a focus on the important highlights that will help you ace the test and meet State requirements. Our expert instructor will break down complex concepts into simple terms, showing you how they relate to other areas of the course and how to reason out probable answers on the exam.
Follow along with a PowerPoint presentation and a note-taking handout for optimal retention. And if you still have questions, don’t worry – our instructor will be available to answer them during and after the session.

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Real Estate Salesperson Exam Tutoring (small group)

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Manfred Exam Prep Tools

Unlock your potential with then Manfred School Real Estate Exam Prep Tools. Designed to elevate your preparation for the real estate exams, our resources offer comprehensive and interactive study materials that turn complex concepts into graspable knowledge.

Whether you’re brushing up on relevant laws or dissecting intricate property valuation methods, our Exam Prep Tools make learning manageable, boosting your confidence and smoothing your path toward success.

Dive into our meticulously curated content and cultivate the skills you need to excel at your exams.

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Salesperson Virtual Classroom

  • Included in the Salesperson Licensing course.
  • Great for State Exam Prep
  • Bonus Study Guide, and Pre-Recorded Online Review
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Real Estate Digital Flash Cards

  • Over 250 Terms and Definitions
  • Ideal for both Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exam Preparation
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NY Brokers Practice Exams

  • 2 Practice Exams with 100 Multiple Choice Questions
  • The Brokers Exam Contains 25% of the Salesperson Course Curriculum. *Bonus: Includes 5 Salesperson practice exams.
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NY Salesperson Practice Exams

  • Includes 3 x 75 Multiple-Choice Question Exams for Real Estate Salespersons
  • Can Be Taken Multiple Times
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  • Mix & Match with NY LIVE Webinars & Self-Paced Online Real Estate and Appraiser Continuing Education
  • FREE and UNLIMITED Continuing Education for Real Estate Salesperson/Brokers, Appraisers, Home Inspectors and Assessors.
  • Dually approved LIVE Webinars so you can take one course & get credit for both license types.
  • 50% OFF Brokers Licensing Courses
  • UNLIMITED Professional Development Courses Operating a New Brokerage Firm)
  • 50% OFF the 7 hour National USPAP Update Webinars Approved in NY
  • UNLIMITED Exam Prep Tools for Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exams

Manfred School Bookstore

Real Estate Salesperson Textbook

  • Modern Real Estate Practice in New York for Salespersons
  • Used in All Our Salesperson Licensing Programs
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New York Real Estate License Exam Prep Textbook

  • All-In-One Review & Practice Testing
  • Comprehensive Real Estate Review with 100’s of Practice Questions
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