In the wake of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) lawsuit settlement. Many brokers and agents have started re-evaluating their association with traditional MLS systems tightly intertwined with NAR regulations. The landscape is shifting, and for those looking to sidestep the potential limitations posed by this settlement. Alternative platforms offer a fresh lease on operational freedom and innovation. This blog unveils the top Non-Realtor MLS Platforms. That are reshaping the way brokers and agents operate in the real estate market.

1. MyStateMLS

Distinctively serving the entire United States with a particular focus on providing flexibility. MyStateMLS stands out for its inclusive approach. It doesn’t restrict its membership to NAR affiliates. Thereby offering a broader spectrum of listings and more diversified opportunities. With features catering to residential, commercial, land, multifamily, manufactured on leased land, business, rental, and seasonal/vacation rentals. It enables brokers and agents to list and search for properties nationwide, breaking regional barriers traditional MLS systems often impose.

My State MLS is the Nationwide MLS that allows you to list property in any city and state that you are licensed for one low monthly payment. My State rejects the fines and fees that are common in local MLSs. Provides tons of features to help you grow your business, and has an industry-leading customer support team ready to ensure that your listings get the maximum amount of exposure possible.

Key Features:

  • Nationwide listing capabilities
  • No requirement for NAR membership
  • Diverse property categories
  • Allows Co-Brokerage Agreements
  • By Joining you get access to NYStateMLS

2. NYStateMLS

NYStateMLS redefines the traditional boundaries of an MLS system by offering a state-wide real estate Multiple Listing Service. That covers the whole New York state, including all 62 counties and the 5 boroughs. Notably, the platform is customizable and proprietary. Providing new tools and technology to meet the fast-changing needs of its members and the industry. The NYStateMLS also opens bridges to the global real estate landscape by connecting listings to over 20 international real estate websites. The platform is great for appraisers and auctioneers too!

Key Features:

  • State-wide coverage in New York
  • Custom-made and proprietary software
  • Global listing marketing network
  • By joining you also get access to MYStateMLS

3. MLSListings

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, MLSListings serves as a prime example of innovation intersecting with real estate. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to empower real estate professionals in Northern California. Though it serves a more localized area compared to other platforms listed. Its approach to technology integration and data accuracy makes it a standout option.

Key Features:

  • Robust technology integration
  • Hyper-local focus with expansive reach in Northern California
  • Real-time data and analytics

4. RealTracs

Based in the Southeastern US, RealTracs is known for its pioneer approach to MLS services. It provides extensive coverage in Tennessee and surrounding areas. Making it an ideal choice for brokers and agents operating in this region. One of RealTracs’ most notable features is its commitment to upholding data integrity and providing timely market insights, which are vital in today’s fast-paced market environment.

Key Features:

  • Strong regional coverage in the Southeast US
  • High standards of data integrity
  • Advanced market insights and analytics

The Advantages of Non-Realtor MLS Options

Choosing a Non-Realtor MLS Platform provides tangible benefits for brokers and agents. Looking to evolve beyond the constraints of traditional platforms. These benefits include:

  • Greater Flexibility: Without the stringent requirements and regulations imposed by NAR-affiliated MLS systems. Brokers and agents enjoy higher degrees of operational flexibility.
  • Innovation and Technology: Many Non-Realtor MLS Platforms are at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology. Which can significantly enhance listing visibility, data analysis, and overall efficiency.
  • Nationwide Access: Some of these platforms offer nationwide listing capabilities. Thereby broadening the market reach for brokers and agents beyond their local spaces.
  • Specialized Markets: For those operating in specific regions, like upstate New York or New York City. Localized platforms can provide market insights and tools more attuned to regional dynamics.


In the evolving real estate landscape, the freedom to choose a platform that aligns with one’s business objectives is invaluable. The top Non-Realtor MLS Platforms mentioned here represent just a fraction of the possibilities available to forward-thinking brokers and agents. By exploring these alternatives, real estate professionals can harness the benefits of broader market reach. Technological advancements, and operational autonomy, all while stepping away from the shadow of the NAR lawsuit settlement. In doing so, they not only chart a new path for their business’s success. But also contribute to the diverse and innovative future of the real estate industry.

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