License Type
Certified Residential Appraiser
NY Counties Serving
Dutchess County
Contact Information
Trish McLoughlin, Axiom Appraisals
Patricia Mcloughlin
Axiom Appraisals
72 Lakeview Dr, Holmes, NY, Dutchess County 12531, New York State
Detailed Information

Patricia Mcloughlin – Certified Appraiser

Patricia Mcloughlin, a certified appraiser, possesses the deep knowledge and professional prowess to produce reliable property valuations, meeting the stringent standards of banks and leading mortgage lenders. Her extensive years of practical experience equipped her with the skillset to handle a variety of property types confidently. As a licensed appraisal expert, she ensures precise and dependable home value assessments that satisfy the specific requirements of home loans. Patricia’s top-tier education combined with her professional competence underpins the high-quality service she extends to all clients.

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