Are you still fresh in the exhilarating world of real estate? Not entirely sure what to anticipate? It’s no secret that real estate is a prosperous sector with chances of expansion and other enticing rewards to be discovered. But, it’s also no secret that the real estate industry is highly competitive. With so many agents vying for clients and listings, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you skyrocket to find success in your first year!

However, let’s keep it straightforward: you’re going to need a hefty serving of determination and dedication to truly master this job and reap what it offers! Fear not, though— here are four potent strategies that will aid you in charting your path to triumph in your first year in real estate:

Victory is a marathon, not a sprint

In reality, your initial phase may well extend over two years. The dawn of your real estate career will revolve around sculpting productive routines that pave the way towards achievement. Get ready to invest time—beyond the grueling days and late evenings—to explore your niche and hone your skills. Remember, the central driving factor to a brighter path is you.

You are the one who will make your career happen, so it’s up to you to put in the effort and time required. If you want to be successful, then you need to be willing to do whatever it takes!

Mastering the art of ‘focus’ in Real Estate

To accentuate, successful real estate professionals always keep their clients at the forefront. Yes, a thriving real estate career will indeed be profitable— but don’t let the allure of financial gain sway your primary focus. Your priority should be extending a helping hand to your clients. A fabulous way to enhance your service is to concoct a discerning client persona. If you consistently cater to a similar demographic, you’ll undoubtedly emerge as an authority in that sphere. Regardless of the persona you choose, don’t underestimate the power of endorsements. Set yourself weekly objectives, and continually aim to assist as many clients as feasible each week.

As you build your client base, don’t forget to nurture your relationships with existing clients. A simple thank-you note or email can go a long way in establishing trust and credibility. In addition, be sure to keep an eye on the competition. If you’re not aware of what other real estate agents are doing, how can you possibly stay ahead of them?

Perceive every situation as a stepping stone to growth

Your debut year in real estate ought to revolve around cultivating the characteristics and competences that will be crucial for achieving victory. As eloquently stated by Albert Einstein, “Failure is success in progress.” Above all else, see missteps as golden opportunities to adapt and evolve. Dust yourself off and remain tenacious in the quest for accomplishment. Going forward, you’ll have ample opportunities to polish your capabilities until you attain the heights of excellence you’ve tirelessly striven for.

Moreover, to expand your horizons, seek the company of kindred spirits, particularly fellow real estate professionals, who are navigating towards the same goal. Intertwine yourself with such persons, thereby creating a platform where everyone can learn from each other’s journeys. Remember the mantra: Connect, Connect, Connect!

The High-speed Lane towards Real Estate Triumph

For starters, ponder enhancing yourself by honing the competences you’ve acquired from your Broker. Manfred now equips you with all the necessaries to command a thriving real estate venture. Undertaking an examination and procuring your license is merely step one. You have a whole universe to discover—be it prospecting for leads, fostering robust relations with clients, orchestrating the sales course, or seamlessly guiding a transaction to the closing table.

First off, by triumphantly wrapping up your comprehensive licensing education, you’ve laid a robust foundation for your newfangled career. Next, let’s take you to the phase of refining your professional growth. But how do you leap from what you’ve achieved to start earning healthy commissions at the earliest? The answer lies in the Real Estate Business Launch.

Learn Success from Success

Manfred Real Estate School has been in Business for over 35 years, helping students achieve their career goals. We were concerned when we did some market research and discovered that, according to Trulia, 75 percent or more of new licensees quit the business in the first year. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 75 percent of all licensees are out of business within three years. As education providers, we at the Manfred Real Estate School found these numbers simply unacceptable. So, we set out to change that.

First, we needed to find out why agents were dropping out at such a staggering rate. After researching and interviewing successful agents and agents who did not make it, we discovered that one of the main reasons agents do not make it past the first year is that they ran out of money. A real estate license alone does not bring in the income.

The Success Solution

Next, we sat down with our team of experts and developed a plan. We needed to help our students create more income in less time. We have put together a program to help you achieve your goal of getting a license and give you action steps to start taking now. These are not mere tips and tricks. You can do purposeful actions right now, even before you get your license, so you can hit the ground running. While others are building lists, printing business cards, and figuring out what to do next, you will have a significant jump-start. This course will prepare you, show you and start creating a business immediately.

As a school, we used to be concerned about the exam pass rate to judge our success, but now we look at the number of top-producing graduates who build their businesses on life, abundance, and relationships. There is no secret formula. No special skills are required—just the willingness to learn and take action. You can learn anything—the key is to take action.

In Conclusion

We’re committed to assisting you in piecing together your business blueprint, marketing strategy, and revenue plan. Explore this golden opportunity here. Armed with a dash of these insights, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll be heading into a fruitful career in real estate. Rest assured, we’re by your side, fueling your journey to SKYROCKET to find success in your first year.

Look Before you Leap: A Real Estate Career Guide

Our free course is designed to guide you through the process of obtaining your real estate license. We will provide information on both the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing this career, and address questions you may not have considered before diving in. Our goal is not just to sell courses, but to set you up for success and ensure that real estate is the right path for you.

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