Help Clients Looking to Buy Out of State

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Buying property from afar has become popular in recent years. Many were unable to travel due to COVID-19, and others hopped on the same train out of convenience. Organizing an out-of-state purchase can be challenging for both the client and the real estate agent. You need to find the perfect home in a bustling market, so both parties need a lot of patience. You will need to juggle multiple offers, short timelines, and also help someone far away purchase a home. Although you will have your work cut out for you, the experience can be rewarding and closing all the more [...]

Finding The Right Broker

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Every real estate agent must work under a sponsoring broker to maintain a Real Estate Salesperson License in NY. Finding the right broker for you is very important. You want to choose a broker that you are comfortable with and can mentor you. Do not base choosing a broker solely on the commission split. Obviously, that is an important factor but 100% of nothing sold is $0.00.  As a new agent, you are going to need training, mentoring, support, and a company that is willing to stand beside you and your goals. You have a lot of choices. Do your homework. [...]

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