License Type
Certified General Appraiser
NY Counties Serving
New York County (Manhattan), Orange County
Contact Information
Simcha Diamant
Diamant & Associates, Inc
201 East 92nd Street, Orange County 10128, New York State
Business Phone Number

Detailed Information

Simcha Diamant – Certified General Appraiser

Simcha Diamant brings to the table a wealth of experience in crafting professional, precise, and high-caliber appraisal reports. Recognized for his superior proficiency and deep understanding of the residential real estate mortgage sector, he has consistently delivered exceptional service to banks and lenders.

His expertise is enhanced by the use of cutting-edge appraisal software technology, which allows for meticulous and reliable evaluations. Simcha’s extensive background and commitment to accuracy ensure that every appraisal report he constructs meets the highest standards of quality and comprehensiveness.

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