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Stuart Nippes, Real Estate Salesperson NY
Stuart Nippes
Alani Real Estate
Rensselaer County 12306, New York State
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I have over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. Beyond my experience level, my commitment to being open and honest with my buyers and sellers, knowledge that allows me to find the issues in a home prior to inspection, and ability to get you the most for your money – whether you’re buying or selling – sets me apart from my peers. I specialize or have training from the Manfred Real Estate School of Learning in the following areas:

Real Estate Finance: I will help make sure you find a good, qualified loan processor with a positive reputation – preventing issues with funding, closing, and payments down the line.

Investment Properties: Whether you’re flipping a house or buying investment properties, I can walk you through the process and help make sure you make money on your investment.

Valuation Process and Pricing Properties: If you’re a seller, I have the training to complete a Comparable Market Analysis to price your home properly. If you’re a buyer, I will make sure you’re not paying too much for the home you’re looking at based on my market analysis & evaluation of the home’s condition – before an offer is even placed.

Environmental Issues: I’ll help you identify issues like asbestos and mold BEFORE you put in an offer or place your home on the market, saving time and money.

Land Use Regulations: For land purchases, I can assist you in determine if a piece of land is eligible for building or developing based on zoning, construction, and environmental laws.

Municipal Agencies: I’ll walk you through the complex web of planning boards, zoning laws, town councils, and all the regulations and paperwork needed to complete a new construction project.

Law of Agency: Whether I’m representing a buyer, seller, or both, my knowledge of Agency Law will help keep all parties safe and informed.

Human Right and Fair Housing: Everyone has the right to purchase a house. My knowledge of fair housing laws will help keep you and your property free from discrimination-related issues.

Construction: In addition to the regulatory hurdles, my vast experience in new construction will help any investment property buyer or new home builder get from start to finish smoothly.

Condominiums and Cooperatives: From zoning to building to resale, I’m an expert in condo and townhouse real estate, including all the associated unique challenges with their associations, specific insurance, and regulations.

Property Management: Once you’ve purchased your investment property, how do you manage it? I can help you with management or point you in the direction of a high-quality management company.

Tax and Assessment: Dealing with tax assessors can be an intimidating task, but my knowledge of tax laws & property assessment will ensure you’re being charged the right amount.

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