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NY Counties Serving
Saint Lawrence County
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John Wicke
Kassian Real Estate LLC
156 E Orvis St, Massena, NY, Saint Lawrence County 13662, New York State
Detailed Information

A successful Real Estate Salesperson hailing from Massena, New York. With a proven record of success in the real estate industry, John has built an extensive career marked by dedication and integrity. His consistent approach to providing exceptional service has made his name synonymous with trust and reliability in Massena’s real estate community.

John’s real estate journey features a strong record of matching clients with properties that suit their specific requirements. John’s local market knowledge grants him the unique ability to guide clients effectively through transactions, helping them find their ideal homes or sell their properties at optimal prices.

His deep understanding of real estate dynamics, combined with up-to-the-minute knowledge of market trends, forms the backbone of his practice. John’s dedication to continually staying updated ensures he provides accurate advice and information, making each transaction as smooth and successful as possible for his clients.

John is best known for his professional customer service, which is characterized by clear communication, prompt response times, and a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. His ability to put clients at ease during negotiations showcases his unmatched interpersonal skills.

Beyond his real estate pursuits, John is an active member of the Massena community, often seen contributing towards various local initiatives. This connection with his local community fuels his passion for real estate and intensifies his understanding of the local market.

John Wicke’s trademark dedication, empathetic approach, and relentless commitment to providing top-tier services have solidified his esteemed reputation in Massena’s real estate scene. Whether assisting seasoned property investors or guiding first-time buyers, John consistently delivers results-oriented solutions and guidance with a personal touch.

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