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Broker, Home Inspector
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Albany County, Fulton County, Montgomery County, Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, Warren County, Washington County
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John Hearn Real Estate Home Inspector NY
John Hearn
Expert Building Inspections
51 Kent St, Ballston Spa, NY, Saratoga County 12020, New York State
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John Hearn: Home Inspection Connoisseur at Expert Building Inspection

Welcome to the realm of Expert Building Inspection, where precision meets expertise under the vigilant gaze of John Hearn, your dedicated Home Inspection Professional. With John at the helm, Expert Building Inspection stands as a beacon of assurance for all property inspection needs across Saratoga Springs, Albany, and beyond.

About John Hearn

John Hearn is not your average home inspector; he embodies the quintessence of thoroughness and reliability in the field of property examination. As the principal inspector, John brings over 17 years of rich experience to the table, coupled with a deep-seated passion for safeguarding his clients’ interests in real estate transactions.

John’s journey in the industry began with a vision to demystify the complexities surrounding home inspections. His approach is marked by an unflagging commitment to personalized service, ensuring that every client is not just satisfied but also well-informed. Understanding that each real estate decision is significant, John’s meticulous eye for detail helps potential buyers make confident and informed decisions about their investments.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Licensed under the stringent criteria of NYS (Lic #16000008298), John’s proficiency is undeniable. Staying abreast with the latest in home inspection standards and processes, he provides an array of stellar services. His expertise encompasses residential inspections, where he meticulously analyzes properties and arms his clients with detailed reports to guide their choices.

As a NYS ELAP (ID#11895) approved provider, John Hearn transcends expectations in radon testing. Utilizing electronic monitors that preempt the concern of tampering, John ensures the accuracy and integrity of radon levels within your prospective home. His dedication to precision and open communication ensures that his clients can approach the subject of home safety with confidence.

Water quality, often a footnote in property assessments, receives paramount attention at Expert Building Inspection. Whether it’s well water flow, pressure checks, E-Coli screening, or comprehensive FHA compliance testing, John’s proficiency ensures that water safety and quality parameters in your home meet the highest standards.

Commercial property assessments are no less thorough. With John’s keen onsite analysis, every facet from building components to system functionalities is scrutinized with professional rigor, safeguarding your commercial interests.

A Testimony to Excellence

The testament to John’s dedication and professional conduct echoes in the voices of satisfied clients, with accolades permeating from Realtors and homeowners alike across Saratoga Springs and neighboring counties. Known for his professional demeanor and eagerness to explain complex issues, John establishes not just transactions, but relationships anchored in trust and mutual respect.

Ensuring a Foundation of Trust

John Hearn isn’t just committed to offering exemplary home inspection services; he’s driven by a mission to provide peace of mind—one inspection at a time. So when you’re in need of a clear-eyed evaluation or reliable examination for your current or future home, look no further.

Rest assured, with John Hearn, your home isn’t just another structure; it’s a milestone that will stand on a foundation of trust and unparalleled expertise.

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