Building your real estate career after moving may be intimidating, but it’s far from impossible. Unless somebody moves for better career prospects, building a career from scratch again is not the simplest thing. But before you start worrying about finding the right office location, new clients, etc., remember that there are a few things you will always have: your knowledge, skills, professionalism, and charming character. These are the qualities that made you name the first time around and will undoubtedly shine in a new location. Thus, armed with such fantastic characteristics, you can move proverbial mountains in the real estate world.

In addition, a change could be the thing that will boost your career further. While rebooting your career may seem challenging and require some work, you can take steps to reinvigorate the flames. And to help you out on this new journey, we will give you a few tips. 

Define your target market and work on your brand

Many people are entirely sure who their target audience is, and this could be problematic, especially if you have to start out in a place where nobody knows you. Also, if you are moving to a city where you can enjoy higher or lower commissions, you have to adjust your expectations and reevaluate your goals.

If you know what your niche is, you can direct your efforts into reaching precisely that group. For instance, if you specialize in luxury real estate, making a name for yourself may be easier for you than for agents who work will all types of real estate. 

The way to determine who your niche is pretty straightforward. Look back. Think of the clients you worked with before. That way, you will see who paid for your services. If you notice you had a streak of luxury clients, it’s a pretty good indicator that you should go that way. 

However, that is not all. After all, you have to consider the location and the spending trends in the area. Pay attention to the features buyers want and the types of properties they most commonly choose. If huge hardens with gazebos and fountains are what currently sells, and sellers are staging their homes to cater to this demand, you should pursue it. 

Work on your brand

So, once you know who to target, you should observe other agents and see how they brand themselves. Then, make yourself stand out by doing it differently. As we have already mentioned, you will do this more easily if you have a particular niche to cater to. 

If you have trouble understanding what personal branding means and what to do to get the best results, you will be best off hiring a professional marketing strategist. If you are serious about your business, you don’t want to leave things to chance. 

Get to know your new area

What makes an excellent real estate agent is their knowledge of the area they work in. And if you are new in town, you can hardly establish yourself as an expert in that neighborhood. So, let’s say your new residence is in New York City. Before you decided to relocate by yourself to the Big Apple, you must have done some research to realize that is the right option. Of course, that experience is a fantastic starting point.

But, you will have to do a lot more leg work, much of which will be pretty pleasurable. Play tourist whenever you aren’t working and familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods, and most importantly, the properties in each neighborhood. Also, tour open houses and get a feel of the property values in the area. 

And while you’re at it, take loads of photos. Social media presence is as important for real estate agents as it is for other types of businesses. So, post these photos and short videos, write blogs and posts about the neighborhoods. It is another way to establish yourself as an authority in the new area. 

Update your website

Speaking of social media and branding, your online presence will not be complete without a great website. Also, building your real estate career after moving will not be possible without it. That is the way how people find everything these days. Perhaps this is a perfect opportunity for a new design and fresh style. Again, knowing who you want to reach will help you decide which direction to take. 

But most importantly, you must update all crucial information on your website and do so immediately. Remove old city information and start working on the content for your new area. You don’t want to lose potential clients due to such oversight. 

Also, use social media to announce your move to everyone who follows you and ensure all information is up-to-date there as well. We know how powerful these platforms are. If you did a good job before, your old clients might refer you to their friends and family in your new city. There is no better reference than word of mouth. 

Moreover, don’t be shy. Ask everyone you meet if they are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and follow them. Encourage them to connect with you too. You will quickly start building relationships with the people in your neighborhood, and we know how vital these connections are for a real estate agent.

Be involved in the new community

Building relationships is vital for an agent, as we have already established. And you need to be a people person if you want to thrive in this field. So, a fantastic way to spread out your tentacles and make new friends, colleagues, connections, meet different people is to get involved in various community events and organizations. For example:

  • Soup kitchens and homeless services
  • Animal rights groups or rescue centers
  • At-risk youth organizations, working on recreation and education of children
  • Joining different civic clubs (the Rotary Club, for instance). 

Bonus tip on building your real estate career after moving

The final tip we have for you does not only apply if you are building your real estate career after moving. It is valid for every field of work and all situations. If you want to stay in the game and continue to do your job well, you must continually expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Assess your current level of skills and pinpoint possible weak points. Then take steps to improve them. The only way to stay current in your area of business is to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Investing in yourself is never a waste of time or other resources. Moreover, advancing your skills will renew your passion for your work.

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